Nice things and why they don't fit with me

Dear friends, let me tell you a story about a stupid little girl who played with a half eaten apple, trying to see if the dog would appreciate it (the other one did, the other one started sneezing).
Here's a picture of what happened to this little girl (aka me) after she decided she just HAD to touch her eye just a bit before she could wash her hands after touching the apple:

Fear the red eyed monster! Yarrr!

Lesson: Don't play with things you're allergic to. Really. My eyes hurt like a b*tch after the incident.
Although it was funny as soon as they stopped itching. Which was like next morning. Anyway.

If you live in Finland, you've noticed the tundrapocalypse has started. I swear it is colder outside than inside a regular freezer. Yes, I'm not kidding. I still find it funny that people freak out every year when it's starts snowing because obviously it never ever snows in Finland.
I don't mind the snow. I just can't stand the coldness.
Or the freezing wind. If it was a person no one would love it.
Just so you know.


No my darling, don't leave me!!

My PC is acting up (No, I don't need 'should have mac ;3' crap, I don't have a mac, I have a PC >:I ) and it makes me quite sad. ;____________; Please my darling Arthur (yes, that's the name of my laptop), work!!
The DVD player is acting up and making a horrible noise that scares me to death so now I'm just.. not using it.

I wanted to watch Sherlock Holmes tonight but no can do.

I feel like renewing my image, and by image I mean my wardrobe. I love all things secretary-ish, like high waist skirts, white blouses, simple pearls and oh-so-snazzy high heels. I wanted to make a picture of the sort of clothes I would love to get right now but I'm too lazy to google individual pieces of clothing and paste them on photoshop and I can't remember a single site that would help me do that. I can't even remember what it's called. Ooooops me.
I can't even wear high heels on a daily basis (and who can?) but I just love how they make me taller and more "complete". I have a long back which - unfortunately - makes my legs seem short and stubby, so high heels perfectly proportionate my body.

Also,  two random snaps I've taken with my phone. I have a habit of writing on my skin. One day I will probably get an ink poisoning.

I'm sorry this post doesn't really make sense. I just felt like babbling.


The very best insults I get from old cartoons.

Oh dear Lord. It's raining in snow form (No, it is NOT snowing, snow is nice and pretty and powdery), huge flakes that melt and transform magically into the wettest form of water as soon as they touch you, this monstrous form of so called snow makes you drip water from every corner and place possible.

I was completely prepared for winter - I had my furry boots, winter coat and the faux-fur-thing warming up my neck and I was all dolled up... noot so much. When I left school to head home, the water went through my boots and I was basically just running to get home as soon as possible. I swear I was this close to tears when I finally stepped inside of my apartment.
Now I'm all warm and fuzzy again so I feel a lot better.

Over the weekend I saw some friends at Tsukicon and at times felt a little left out but probably for understandable reasons. I had fun nevertheless.

I've been reliving the best of my childhood by watching Moomins online. I just really love them... and after all, I first learned to speak by watching them. According to my mom I was always talking in a
very polite manner because of it.

Oh! And I saw the seventh Harry Potter (1st part) yesterday, and excuse my fan-girlism, but how am I supposed to make it all the way to _July_ before I get to see the second part? Cruel. Very cruel.


Solely because of daydreaming

Currently I'm spending a little too much time inside my head rather than outside of it, which creates practical problems, such as the following:

1. I'm getting a little stressed. My stress is mainly caused by my unrealistic expectations for myself that I do not tend to follow, but also outside forces, like other people (men, krhm krhm), news and missing people who live on the other side of the Atlantic.
My stress shows mainly on my skin condition, which has worsened radically and which then, in turn, creates tiny little problems with my self esteem and stuff. I'm now planning to go without foundation and powder for the next five days, even though it hurts me to do so. But it just happens that I've used too much makeup and something needs to chaaange.

2. My apartment is a complete mess. I mean it, it's awful. I have half of my closet on my bed and the rest scattered everywhere. I also have makeup laying around and other stuff elsewhere. But obviously I find everything the minute I need it (except I don't have a clue where my iron supplement pills are, and therefore have not taken them in a week. Whooooops.)

3. I sigh awfully lot realizing I'm not making out with Ed Westwick, which I have done in my dreams sooo maanyy tiiiimes. Truth hurts, doesn't it?

Okay. Since I haven't decided to turn this blog into an exclusive whiny blog about everything that annoys me (trust me, the list is looooooong.), let's try something positive!

First, I've mainly listened to classical music for the last two weeks. Why's that, you ask? Because it's freaking awesome and kicks ass. That's right. Some Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky or Prokofiev (I wonder why all my three favorite composers are Russian. Hmmmmm.) are guaranteed to kick start my day and make it so much more awesome.

And second, while waiting for the tram to get home today, I had a nice conversation with a complete stranger who made me smile with the cheesy line of "what was I talking about? Your smile got me a little distracted."
That's why I love smiling, because it makes other people feel good. And I think I doublesmiled after that comment.

For the comical value, let's try a  random picture of me:

I think I'm ready to try my luck and see if I could see mr.Westwick in my dream tonight. 


Why sure, scream some more.

Saw Evanna Lynch and Matthew Lewis today (Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom, if names didn't ring a bell) in some sort of a fan meeting I guess, where they were greeting people two weeks prior to the newest HP movie coming out. Now, I am a fan of the whole Harry Potter - scheme but not to the point of screaming and acting like a fan girl. Actually I found myself to be a bit annoyed by people screaming around me, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

The point in this chapter was that Evanna Lynch has been one of my celebrity girl crushes - or should I say, people whose looks I absolutely adore and whom I find gorgeous - for a fairly long time, so it isn't really that absurd that after seeing her in her now red hair, I had to fight off an urge to dye my own hair reddish. That's a path I'm not willing to return to, because I do remember how annoying it was trying to keep the color nice and how impossible it was to get rid of the goshdarn red tint in my hair for six months after I dyed it off. 
Also I experienced a tiny moment of leg jealousness. 

(Matthew Lewis was extremely funny, the kind of person you know you want to get to know just because you know they'd make you laugh and smile so often, you know! And NOT because you'd "get to go to all the cool parties and fly around", like some girl beside me told her friend before the event. ) 
(And yes, the row of "you know"s was intentional.)

I still can't find my motivation, but as my mom told me, I only have three months of school left (and a few exams in March), so this bid I can do even if I had to stand on my head the whole time. 
Maybe not, but you get the point.

I feel like I want to compose a list of girl celebrities I'm jealous of but maybe I'll do that another time.
Then I could make another list of guys I'd like to bang marry. Erhm.


Random babble.

I need a recorder to carry around, or a little machine that can translate my brainwaves aka thoughts in written form. Then I could patent the thing and become a multibillionaire for making it even easier for everyone to write their thoughts. Also, I'd have a ton more entries.

I get my most random thoughts (usually the most brilliant ones, too) in the middle of a sentence, in class, in the middle of the night while almost falling asleep and every time I pass that one specific spot in Helsinki (now I'm actually just making it up) but never, ever do I come across a good topic or an interesting subject when I get to Blogger.

But I decided to start a project. It's called "don't give up on every single thing in your life", and it starts today: I'm going to draw something every freaking day.
I go to secondary school of visual arts and I've hardly touched my pencils with the idea of drawing something this year. It's a little pathetic, don't you think?
And so I drew a sketch of my purse on my table whilst not paying attention in class. The picture turned out horrible and I can't remember what the teacher talked about while I was minding my business.
Maybe it'll get better. That's the price you pay!

I also decided to dress up nicely and look nice every day, but that hasn't turned out so great either as I felt too tired to care about my looks today and thus ended up roaming around like a corpse. Bleh. Then again I might be over exaggerating, you know, just a little bit. Teensy weeensy little bit. This little.