Nice things and why they don't fit with me

Dear friends, let me tell you a story about a stupid little girl who played with a half eaten apple, trying to see if the dog would appreciate it (the other one did, the other one started sneezing).
Here's a picture of what happened to this little girl (aka me) after she decided she just HAD to touch her eye just a bit before she could wash her hands after touching the apple:

Fear the red eyed monster! Yarrr!

Lesson: Don't play with things you're allergic to. Really. My eyes hurt like a b*tch after the incident.
Although it was funny as soon as they stopped itching. Which was like next morning. Anyway.

If you live in Finland, you've noticed the tundrapocalypse has started. I swear it is colder outside than inside a regular freezer. Yes, I'm not kidding. I still find it funny that people freak out every year when it's starts snowing because obviously it never ever snows in Finland.
I don't mind the snow. I just can't stand the coldness.
Or the freezing wind. If it was a person no one would love it.
Just so you know.


sasani said...

I can't stand freezing wind :c it's nice to have snow and little cold weather, but WHY IT IS HAVE TO BE WINDY! aaaaa. >.<

rreetta said...

Ohhh my thoughts exactly.
Wind is only allowed if it's not cold :I
and even then I'd rather it not be too windy :3
messes up my hair you know

Anonymous said...

I just noticed we seem to have lots incommon, about last 18 years, I was allergic to the apples. I couldn't eat any types of it, not foreign nor domestic ones. Then during the early autumn, I had a medicine on my hand and one apple on another. I took a bite, and I was ready to take the medicine right after but I noticed I got no symptoms coming up. Since that day, I've been eating apples like crazy.

I guess, I am eating them so much, because I had a lack of eating them for 18 years. It seems bit funny, but on younger age you get terribly allergic to EVERYTHING. I was allergic to citrus fruits, all of them. I still remember, one time when I had symptoms from strawberries. =.= God, I hated that time of my life.

Your red eye looked almost as bad as mine, when I had rubbed my hands on bunnies furs, and then my eye. >_>; I hope you will get better.


rreetta said...

Me myself I didn't become allergic to apple before I turned like 8 :I Which means it was even more bitter for me because I had been munching on them forever - and because I'm rather picky, apples were one of the few fruits that I actually could eat without any trouble. :I

And oh yeah, if I'm stupid enough to touch cats and then my eyes after that, hell breaks loose XD don't you just hate allergies?

but nice to know I'm not the only one!! hehe