Happy cookie

I've acted like a proper citizen today and supported the economy by blowing money on all sorts of important things like clothes and makeup. Actually I'm a sly fox and an excellent bargain hunter - if you don't mind me saying it so myself - thus not really blowing any money at all, and I didn't even buy anything I really don't need!
Sort of.
I guess I could have made it without this one, really cute and simple skirt I bought but hey, how lame would life be without skirts?

I guess I was also sending out some vibes or something, because almost every sales person I encountered was eager to give me assistance on multiple occasions and just generally making sure I was really fine and everything was okay. Either that or I looked suicidal and they were just checking. Haha, no.

Anyway, I'm not too used to that because c'mon, this is Finland. In Finland it's okay to greet by letting out some sort of a grunt and people have a silent agreement not to touch anyone. Ever.
And I mean, I don't actually like it. I like smiling, I like saying hello when someone says hello. I like friendly sales persons, but they just catch me off guard every time because this is FINLAND.

There are three kinds of sales persons: nice ones, very nice ones and then there are those who make you go "...nice" in a not nice way. Of course every one has their bad days, and the behavior of customers themselves isn't always proper in itself - you can't really expect someone to be over the top nice to you if you're swearing, calling them stupid or trying to scare them with your 'I've never been this angry' face.
Or something like that.

But I feel like there are some few people who just should not be in a workplace that requires them communicating with new people every day. I've met a few, who time after time seem to be fed up with life and everything in it, and their 'I loathe you' - attitude leaves me in a slight confusion as to what did I do to deserve such cold stares.
I usually try to lighten up the situation myself. I'm pretty sure it's hard to keep smiling if everyone else is busy trying to growl without a sound, but a smile usually deserves a smile back. It sometimes makes everything better!

Also, acting nice towards other people - including sales person, who, surprisingly enough, are REAL PEOPLE! gasp - often causes them to act nice toward you.
Which is, you know, nice.

Is the word nice starting to sound weird? Maybe I've used it a bit too much.

Anyway, I'm in a good mood.


Something we can't become

I'm unorganized and I tend to loath routines. That's why I write in uneven periods, every once in a while and that's why things seem to get behind my back and surprise me because I run out of time with everything.
True story.

Anyway, Christmas was awesome, New Year's Eve was awesome and the whole 2011 year thingie took off a great start......

And then I got sick. Ugh. I hate to be sick. I slept a whole three hours last night, every last muscle aching because of slight fever, my nose was either running or I couldn't breathe and I had a terrible headache.
Oh and everytime I sneeze it feels like someone throbs my throat with a sharp, poison dipped dagger multiple times in a row and leaves me gasping for air - which hurts even more.
Curse you, viruses and bacters. I'm sure you're having fun right now.

I don't have any fun pictures to show you right now but you should listen to this song. It's amazingggg.