Why sure, scream some more.

Saw Evanna Lynch and Matthew Lewis today (Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom, if names didn't ring a bell) in some sort of a fan meeting I guess, where they were greeting people two weeks prior to the newest HP movie coming out. Now, I am a fan of the whole Harry Potter - scheme but not to the point of screaming and acting like a fan girl. Actually I found myself to be a bit annoyed by people screaming around me, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

The point in this chapter was that Evanna Lynch has been one of my celebrity girl crushes - or should I say, people whose looks I absolutely adore and whom I find gorgeous - for a fairly long time, so it isn't really that absurd that after seeing her in her now red hair, I had to fight off an urge to dye my own hair reddish. That's a path I'm not willing to return to, because I do remember how annoying it was trying to keep the color nice and how impossible it was to get rid of the goshdarn red tint in my hair for six months after I dyed it off. 
Also I experienced a tiny moment of leg jealousness. 

(Matthew Lewis was extremely funny, the kind of person you know you want to get to know just because you know they'd make you laugh and smile so often, you know! And NOT because you'd "get to go to all the cool parties and fly around", like some girl beside me told her friend before the event. ) 
(And yes, the row of "you know"s was intentional.)

I still can't find my motivation, but as my mom told me, I only have three months of school left (and a few exams in March), so this bid I can do even if I had to stand on my head the whole time. 
Maybe not, but you get the point.

I feel like I want to compose a list of girl celebrities I'm jealous of but maybe I'll do that another time.
Then I could make another list of guys I'd like to bang marry. Erhm.


Maire-Elina said...

Totally agreed, Matthew Lewis was awesome. I'm a total Harry Potter- fan girl, have been for the last 11 years, but screaming isn't really my thing either. I loved how there were a couple of kids wearing Hogwarts school uniforms, made me think "damn, I want one too!" ;___; My favorite part was when the host joked that Matthew could say anything and the people would agree and asked him to say something really stupid, and then he decided to say that he loves the second Twilight book the most. Twilight- owned so bad.

(Kommentoin englanniksi, suomi on tyhmää.)

rreetta said...

Ahaha I know, I laughed at that too XD And in somepoint some one screamed something like "Neville, take me with you!" and he answered like "Take you where?"
He was awsum :3