Where did this come from?

I really don't know when someone came up with the idea of "owning the day" ever to contradict it or to blame a bad day on the day not being someone's, but today certainly has not been my day.
I'll spare the details because they are not that important and you probably wouldn't care and if I listed them they probably wouldn't seem like problems at all, but you know, I have my right to feel
absolutely worthless and miserable every once in a while.

It's really the kind of moment where I would just love to curl up in a ball and cry for mommy. Too bad she's in Estonia right now, and I'm a big girl, and I'm not supposed to let things get to me.

And this whole evening being bad didn't even compile of everything just crashing at once, I promise. It started with little things adding to other little things and causing some things to not happen and others to happen in a wrong amount of time.

I feel like a loser tonight, hope it won't last for too long.