Settle baby, you are not the Sun

I just wanted to let you know that even though there are days when the thermometer reaches over zero degrees and it is considerably warm outside, it does not mean you should wear high heeled shoes outside, especially if you're planning to walk a lot. It is not summer yet. The roads are not completely off snow and nasty stuff. And your legs CERTAINLY do not appreciate the effort to look pretty.

I am going to go see Sherlock Holmes for the second time. You're probably not interested in that fact.

BUT ! I hope you do like this picture, it's more than likely from summer 2008 and it has me kissing my little sister.
D'awww she's a precious one, always stealing my clothes and stuff!


Isn't this winter done yet?

I reached a personal record in sleeping a few days ago. Not much to you, maybe, 11½ hours, but I've never slept for so long without waking up atleast once in between. When I woke up there was a tiny dog trying to snuggle with me and started giving me very nasty kisses with a tongue that's been in places I don't want to know about. (I spent a night at my parents and we have two dogs.)

A portable hard drive is a smart little device! I saved all of my music, pictures and videos in case my laptop decides to die in my arms soon. Almost 40 gigabytes just from my computer. HEH.
I found very very old pictures. In this case, Very very old stands for "4 - 6 year old pictures, from years 2006 and earlier." It almost made me cry from laughing too much at my old self. Did I not own a mirror? Did I not realize I looked absolutely ridiculous? Oh dear me.
Don't worry, I'm going to save your eyes and not show the pictures to you.

I dyed my hair too. It looks like this.

I need to cut down on visiting coffeeshops. I'm using way too much of my non-existent money to buy caramel ice lattes and what not.

Oh and I really want to dance because of this song. Damn you, David Guetta.


Well, I did it.

Lately I've been feeling blue. Not blue in the emotional sense of feeling down and sand, but blue as in I like the color.

I've also liked not eating healthy, different remixes of Lux Aeternal (I want them all), Alice in Videoland and
this cutest little ring ever my boyfriend got me for Valentine's day. It feels weird to say I have a boyfriend. I've been having crappy luck with relationships for the past decade (Ha, ha) and a bit longer so it takes a bit to get used to. I'm not complaining tho.

I feel like I should take my boo (and now I'm talking about my camera, who always comes FIRST) out and show it a little love because I haven't been taking any actual PHOTOGRAPHS of anything else than my face for a few weeks. How self centered can you get =D

Other things I enjoy lately are good music, good food and cupcakes and sailorhats. I want a sailor hat, they're so cute!

Oh and on a side note I updated my blog's looks, but that's not too important.


Yeah so my hours of sleep for the past three days is 10 hours. Awesome, I know.

Wow, I guess I do have to update this. Who knew.

... I'll do that tomorrow. Or maybe the day after.

Now I'll just say my valentine's day wasn't that bad. Actually it was - and still is - pretty great.
Did you know I'm happy?


Be running up that road

I've heard someone say you're famous at the point where people who don't know you and who you don't know talk shit about you. I don't know if it's true, but I do like sandwiches.

It's 1a.m. and I'm supposed to be sleeping but instead I'm waiting for Santtu to finish playing with makemebabies.com so I can go to sleep.
And now that I've seen the result (He said we should adopt instead), I don't think I want to sleep anymore. I'm laughing too much, I'm not sure if I can.

Today I've been listening to Pet Shop Boys, DJ Magnet and woke up too late. Why do I always feel like I've wasted a whole day if I wake up later than 12pm?

I don't have any pictures to share with anyone right now because I'm a lazyass. Yeeaaahh, and this lazyass is going to bed.


Shore is not as good as Williams but he's okay, too

I let out lies when I least expect it. They surprise me.
They're not to make me look better, either. Usually they're the little kind of lies that end a conversation when I don't want to continue it or when I don't want to talk about something.

I guess everyone does it.

So once again I had a dead period.
Lately, I've been freaked out by vibrating phones, stereos whispering next to me when I'm concentrating on something else, and people trying to jump me.

I've also been a lousy person.

I think I'll try to fix that.
And... I think I should also start to love my camera more. Poor baby must feel himself abandoned. The picture above was not taken by me, though: All thanks to Heikki. I don't know if he wants me to say that though. He's sometimes like that.