Random babble.

I need a recorder to carry around, or a little machine that can translate my brainwaves aka thoughts in written form. Then I could patent the thing and become a multibillionaire for making it even easier for everyone to write their thoughts. Also, I'd have a ton more entries.

I get my most random thoughts (usually the most brilliant ones, too) in the middle of a sentence, in class, in the middle of the night while almost falling asleep and every time I pass that one specific spot in Helsinki (now I'm actually just making it up) but never, ever do I come across a good topic or an interesting subject when I get to Blogger.

But I decided to start a project. It's called "don't give up on every single thing in your life", and it starts today: I'm going to draw something every freaking day.
I go to secondary school of visual arts and I've hardly touched my pencils with the idea of drawing something this year. It's a little pathetic, don't you think?
And so I drew a sketch of my purse on my table whilst not paying attention in class. The picture turned out horrible and I can't remember what the teacher talked about while I was minding my business.
Maybe it'll get better. That's the price you pay!

I also decided to dress up nicely and look nice every day, but that hasn't turned out so great either as I felt too tired to care about my looks today and thus ended up roaming around like a corpse. Bleh. Then again I might be over exaggerating, you know, just a little bit. Teensy weeensy little bit. This little.


Claire said...

Ahh I know how you feel, it is kinda like you want to improve everything at once like presenting yourself well and improving your drawing but by trying to do it all at once you fail at several things.

Think I'll join you on trying to make myself productive.

rreetta said...

Ugh, don't you just hate it?

Ahaha yes, team effort! :3

Anonymous said...

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rreetta said...

... Quite right.