Solely because of daydreaming

Currently I'm spending a little too much time inside my head rather than outside of it, which creates practical problems, such as the following:

1. I'm getting a little stressed. My stress is mainly caused by my unrealistic expectations for myself that I do not tend to follow, but also outside forces, like other people (men, krhm krhm), news and missing people who live on the other side of the Atlantic.
My stress shows mainly on my skin condition, which has worsened radically and which then, in turn, creates tiny little problems with my self esteem and stuff. I'm now planning to go without foundation and powder for the next five days, even though it hurts me to do so. But it just happens that I've used too much makeup and something needs to chaaange.

2. My apartment is a complete mess. I mean it, it's awful. I have half of my closet on my bed and the rest scattered everywhere. I also have makeup laying around and other stuff elsewhere. But obviously I find everything the minute I need it (except I don't have a clue where my iron supplement pills are, and therefore have not taken them in a week. Whooooops.)

3. I sigh awfully lot realizing I'm not making out with Ed Westwick, which I have done in my dreams sooo maanyy tiiiimes. Truth hurts, doesn't it?

Okay. Since I haven't decided to turn this blog into an exclusive whiny blog about everything that annoys me (trust me, the list is looooooong.), let's try something positive!

First, I've mainly listened to classical music for the last two weeks. Why's that, you ask? Because it's freaking awesome and kicks ass. That's right. Some Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky or Prokofiev (I wonder why all my three favorite composers are Russian. Hmmmmm.) are guaranteed to kick start my day and make it so much more awesome.

And second, while waiting for the tram to get home today, I had a nice conversation with a complete stranger who made me smile with the cheesy line of "what was I talking about? Your smile got me a little distracted."
That's why I love smiling, because it makes other people feel good. And I think I doublesmiled after that comment.

For the comical value, let's try a  random picture of me:

I think I'm ready to try my luck and see if I could see mr.Westwick in my dream tonight. 


Claire said...

I'm with ya on the make up boycott, sads :(!

Hope you feel a bit better soon though, sighing shows discontent!

rreetta said...

I knowww!!
Thanks, I hope so too ♥

Anonymous said...

Ohdear, I wish I was making out with Ed Westwick in my dreams. Somehow I never make out with males in my dear dreams, strangely. :B
I've noticed I got somewhat obsession towards the 'bad boys' on every TV series, I hope I am not alone!

Your story about how your smile made someone else distracted, made me smile!

Take care! xx

rreetta said...

Oh I do confess Chuck Bass is rather dreamy, but I prefer Ed Westwick himself.. As much as I have a weakness for bad boys, I've met a few too many of them in real life and nothing good ever ensues from it u_u But you are most certainly not alone ! haha.

Awww I'm so happy to hear that ^___^ thank you ♥