The very best insults I get from old cartoons.

Oh dear Lord. It's raining in snow form (No, it is NOT snowing, snow is nice and pretty and powdery), huge flakes that melt and transform magically into the wettest form of water as soon as they touch you, this monstrous form of so called snow makes you drip water from every corner and place possible.

I was completely prepared for winter - I had my furry boots, winter coat and the faux-fur-thing warming up my neck and I was all dolled up... noot so much. When I left school to head home, the water went through my boots and I was basically just running to get home as soon as possible. I swear I was this close to tears when I finally stepped inside of my apartment.
Now I'm all warm and fuzzy again so I feel a lot better.

Over the weekend I saw some friends at Tsukicon and at times felt a little left out but probably for understandable reasons. I had fun nevertheless.

I've been reliving the best of my childhood by watching Moomins online. I just really love them... and after all, I first learned to speak by watching them. According to my mom I was always talking in a
very polite manner because of it.

Oh! And I saw the seventh Harry Potter (1st part) yesterday, and excuse my fan-girlism, but how am I supposed to make it all the way to _July_ before I get to see the second part? Cruel. Very cruel.

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