No my darling, don't leave me!!

My PC is acting up (No, I don't need 'should have mac ;3' crap, I don't have a mac, I have a PC >:I ) and it makes me quite sad. ;____________; Please my darling Arthur (yes, that's the name of my laptop), work!!
The DVD player is acting up and making a horrible noise that scares me to death so now I'm just.. not using it.

I wanted to watch Sherlock Holmes tonight but no can do.

I feel like renewing my image, and by image I mean my wardrobe. I love all things secretary-ish, like high waist skirts, white blouses, simple pearls and oh-so-snazzy high heels. I wanted to make a picture of the sort of clothes I would love to get right now but I'm too lazy to google individual pieces of clothing and paste them on photoshop and I can't remember a single site that would help me do that. I can't even remember what it's called. Ooooops me.
I can't even wear high heels on a daily basis (and who can?) but I just love how they make me taller and more "complete". I have a long back which - unfortunately - makes my legs seem short and stubby, so high heels perfectly proportionate my body.

Also,  two random snaps I've taken with my phone. I have a habit of writing on my skin. One day I will probably get an ink poisoning.

I'm sorry this post doesn't really make sense. I just felt like babbling.


Anonymous said...

My dear, my PC just died last tuesday. The motherboard for toasted and buying a new one for the laptop was way too expensive compared with buying a new laptop. Yesterday I rushed into a bank and then back to the exactly same store. Bought a new piece of my life.

I truely hate it, when computers doesn't last for long enough.

What's the brand of your PC? Mine was Acer, now it's Toshiba. ( Which I seem to like more, haha. We will see! D:<)


Anonymous said...

Ehh, it 'got toasted', my God what am I on about. I just got my 2nd H1N1 vaccine not too many hours ago. I think I am the one acting up right now. Hahah!

-V, again.

rreetta said...

Oh I hate it too!! Usually the fixing takes more money than just simply getting a new one :I I like my laptop. I even named it Arthur. It's an HP!

Oh my earlier was an Acer too. They seem to suck like seriously.
My acer just simply froze and stopped working............... I don't know what got into it.
I'd like my computer to last longer than a year or two, seriously : D

Ahaha I was a bit messed up after my H1N1 vaccine too ! I couldn't lift my arm higher than my shoulder level , it just hurt too much.