You seem shocked to see me here

Yesterday I ran across a situation I had never been in before, not once. Actually, two.
First, someone posted my pictures to a thread of "cute girls" or whatever. A friend noted me of this and I had the opportunity to laugh myself nearly to death.... because I found the situation absurd.
Then not even 2 hours later, I was informed someone took my myspace profile info and my pictures and made a fake account.
I'm shocked. Who BOTHERS to make a fake account using my information? I mean really.

Ok, well that's that.
Recently I've rediscovered my love for editing pictures, listening to music, enjoying little moments and all that jazz.
I've been playing around with Photoshop and the result is this.

And I've never had to say this before but please do not copy.


Forever is such a long time

I haven't done much lately, but I did survive my birthday (yay for 19) and a matriculation examination in geography (I do hope), which left my skin horribly deformed and vandalized.
Well not really, but the stress did cause my skin to break out which has had a huge effect on how I feel about myself. That's because I'm openly shallow and I admit I obsess about my skin.

I have also been thinking I need to stop worrying about things that might happen sometimes and start worrying about the things that are never going to happen if I don't have the guts to make them happen. I should do more crazy stuff spontaneously. Fun crazy. Meet new people. Enjoy little moments. Enjoy life. You know, stuff like that.

I took my camera with me to the city but I didn't take a single picture because I was busy trying to catch up with my social life. I've been more or less a hermit for the last week and a half.

I just noticed every one of these paragraphs start with the letter/word "I".


We looked like giants

I'm not being productive. I'm lying on my bed, listening to newly found old love (Death Cab for Cutie) and thinking about all the things I should be doing. Instead, I'm traveling across the world and thinking about people I've never met.

I miss you so much, I wish you hadn't just disappeared from my life like that.

Things have got to change.