Another lesson in love

Oops, another month break. I've heard a few comments about this, sorry.
I do have stuff I want to talk about but everytime I have the feeling I wish I could update this, I'm either in class or in the midst of doing something else. Everytime I sit infront of my computer I completely forget about everything I was supposed to write about and start going through something like weheartit and... well, then I don't update.

I have to be on my way to school in a minute or so, but I thought I'd write this here and continue it later (tomorrow or maybe friday or saturday. Or maybe in a month !)
I'm the worst kind of perfectionist. I say don't care what others think of me (apart from my mom and my closest friends) and I usually don't bother trying to impress people, but man, I get crazy if I feel like I've failed myself. I always think "I can do better than this". My worst enemy is myself... and my unrealistic expectations about myself.
It's a bitch, I tell you. I realize I'm not really even close to fat, but I wish I was thinner; I realize a satisfying grade is not bad, but I wish I had done better - and in the mean time I spend my days absent minded and completely unfocused. I need to fix my focus and relax myself.

On a lighter note, I love life. Toodles ♥