HI !
SC has moved. Actually SC is here and will stay here, but I will no longer write here, because everytime I try I get really cranky about not having written anything in a while and then starting a new post saying how it's been quiet for two months, which you obviously have already noted.

So without further due, if you still like to read about my ramblings, go
--------> http://theeskimostories.blogspot.com/ <------

kisses !


moving along

For me not living in the central area of the city is confusing.
Transportation takes so much longer and you can't even see the stars properly.

Luckily, this too is just a phase.
Then again, I don't have a direction.

Nghhhh, my head feels weird tonight.


Oh gosh what did I do

I don't remember last winter being this cold. Then again it might be that I just made my brain forget it because I live in the moment and stuff. It is absolutely gorgeous outside although I do not dare to stick my toes there in the fear that Mother Nature might frostbite them off. So I'll just wonder it through my window.

I woke up at eight this morning and I wasn't sure whether or not I should be happy about it. The unhappy side of it was that this is a Sunday. You're not supposed to wake up early on a Sunday. You're supposed to sleep late and enjoy the feeling of not having to wake up early on a Sunday. You know?
The happy side of it was that my dream was absolutely dreadful and I remember crying in my dream because nothing made sense. So it was good to wake up from that.

I still don't have an internship place. It's getting closer and closer but I already stressed from that and nothing good ever comes out of stressing over things that are out of your control.
I mean, obviously I'm looking for a place and sending applications, but it is not up to me how quickly people answer me.

Can you tell I'm restless? I'm writing restlessly. Like a flow of mind but instead it's not a flow, more like a waterfall and instead of water, it's mushed thoughts.
Oh gosh it's one of these hyper moments again. I feel like giggling at the thought except you probably can't hear it.
But you can imagine me typing furiously and giggling at the same time.

I'm so sorry if this entry doesn't make any sense.
No I'm not. Anyway, here are some random pictures !

 Mainly what I've been doing lately.
 Filters. Filters are fuuun. You don't have to know anything about photography, just snap something and add a filter. LOVE IT. Also the window was really frosty so that was like a filter in itself. A Filter inside a filter. FILTERCEPTION.
 A random gorgeous specimen of the homo sapiens Rosa randomly spammed to me. Needless to say drooool.
 This is what happens when I'm in a class and not paying paying SO much attention to what's going on. And more filters.
And le me.

I think I'll go giggle by myself now.


Snowcapolypse is here !

I was supposed to do a rather big entry about things including... well, everything, but you know how sometimes you think you're going to do something and then you don't do it. It's a continuous thing, really.
Anyway, we are doing some sort of blogging experiences at school at the moment so I thought it's a GREAT time to once again note that I'm not that good at writing regularly. Oops.

So the big thing I was excited about last time? I got email from HOAS, a student apartment organization in Finland (Well, actually Helsinki area) that they have a spot for me in one of their apartments...
So I moved. Further away from the city. Bleh. But the area is nice... and something else is nice there too but I'm not going to talk about that right now >:33
My room is nice but really cold. I can't hang around in a tank top and shorts, no way. So sad.  I'll show you pictures later !

I've been crazy busy but thing should slow down after this week. Yay!


Fingers crossed for sure

excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited excited.

That's all for now.
Also, fingers crossed.



cue melancholy instrumental music for a rainy day

Things I've done today that I shouldn't:
Stared at the laptop screen
Walked around my room just staring at the mess and not cleaning it up
Whined inside my head
Played Pokémon

Things I haven't done today that I should've:
Written a school thingie to determine what I'm going to do in the future
The dishes
Clean my room
The laundry

It's one of these days again.

You know the annoying type of a person who constantly complains about their lack of love life or interest? That's what I FEEL like doing right now.
I want cuddles. Preferably now.
I want eskimo kisses and stupid romantic stuff like leaving lovey-dovey notes in surprising places.
I want that god-awful-feeling of "does he like me? What's that look supposed to mean?" that everyone HATES when they're experiencing it.

But I don't want to be that type of a person. I don't want to complain.

No, wait, I already did. Woooops ! :3


When you're healthy, say thank you.

This text might be a little grotesque. Don't read if you don't want to.

There are only a few things I absolutely loathe in this world.

One is puking. I despise having anything come up that I've already once digested. It tastes gross, it feels gross, it smells awful and it's just plain wrong. Luckily I haven't had to stand that in a few years now.

Second is smoking. Everyone knows how I feel about smoking. I've never smoked and I don't plan to try. When I was younger, I was one of the less popular kids so I didn't have to try and get credit by ruining my lungs. Yay me.

Third one, and this is the one bugging me at this very moment, is gum infections. A really nasty one, too.

I might have to call a dentist. Ugh. Dentists.

Whenever you're healthy, stop and think about it for a while. Consider yourself a lottery winner of the universe. You are.