Such a funny way to fall

I am really really really effin tired. I'm supposed to clean my room because it's a car wreck a little messy, but I might have to take a nap first. I'm going to start reviving psychology for March's exam tomorrow. I should probably make a study schedule so I'll stay focused.

First things first! I've been..... not surprisingly quiet with this thing. The whole 'it's too puplic to write about private things but I love writing at random times ;_;' thing has been slightly an issue, but I've come to a perfect conclusion:
To motivate myself in studying I went and bought a moleskine that I'm going to fill with private details and little drawings about whatever I feel is too private to put here. Yay! Cheer for the genius that is me.

So now it's all froody.  I still have no idea what I'm going to do after high school though.

Oh, and I found the perfect jeans and they were 8 euros. Someone upstairs must love me.

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