I need to invest in cool comics.

Ohohohoo, would you look at that. Another quiet month in my blogging, which doesn't really surprise me. Things got in the way.

Anyway! First things first, I've developed a caffeine addiction - mostly because of this huge bunch of energy drinks I got as a gift (read from below).
'Tis rather unfortunate, but as the exams are getting closer and closer (first one is in a week. Yikes!) I don't have time to try to kick my addiction and get rid of it.
So I'll be sipping caffeinated drinks with caution for the next.... month. Or two. Oh joyness.

Then... Yeah, I don't really have much to say. I've poured my thoughts mainly in twitter, because it's easier. It's here.

Things I haven't been doing lately that I should be doing:
* studying for my exams
* studying for my exams
* learning something new

Things I have been doing that I should not be doing:
* everything else

I've also spent a bit too much money cashing sales and sitting in various coffee shops (usually with people, once alone) and thought about the world, myself, others. Food.
You know, the regular stuff.

I've come to the posession of a huge amount of energy drinks, as a gift. I'm very pleased, but also slightly worried that this might assist me becoming an addict. Already happened. I'm conducting a test of how long I can keep them alive.
Granted I have much help to destroy these vile drinks that steal my attention every time.

I haven't even had time to abuse my camera!

But yeah. I think I'll try to be a bit more efficient with my blog, because it kind of helps me get things off my mind. Which leaves space for... other things.

I've also been thinking (You notice how often I have to mention 'I think'? It's ridiculous. I need to cut it out.) I kind of want to do a post about how my looks have changed during the years... but there are a few issues to that.
First, I really don't have a generic style I'm following.
Second, I've never had a generic style of following.
Third, I'm missing half of the pictures.
Fourth, It'd be an embarrassing ride to see how much of a failure I was with basically everything.
Not saying I've gotten better, hehehe.

I got this baby from eBay. My first reaction to it was "ohmygodit'ssocuteihavetohaveit!!". My dad commented, saying that 'cute' wasn't exactly the word he'd use and that it reminded him of Davy Jones. Oh well, I love it.

Anyway, toodlepip.

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