Pay attention, I'm important.

You remember how I claimed this blog to be a completely boring, normal blog? Yeah, forget I ever said that, apparently I didn't bother enough to find out what a "normal" blog is... Or if that's the word to describe half the blogs I've stumbled onto today, with everyone being sure their top and leggins - combinations are a definite eye catcher and a sure way to be nominated as "the fashion queen."

I might have overexaggerated, but just a little. I am officially a bit horrified by youth (cause obviously I'm more of a dusty, ancient not-even-20-yet relic, you know) but hopefully I've just seen some of the worst victims of today's "my blog will make me famous, I KNOW everyone wants to know how much my socks cost :)" - philosophy.

Or then I might be a bit angry that I might've done a bit worse in my english exam than I was expecting to do. Keeping my fingers crossed however.

Besides this morning I actually told dad everything's fine and nice at the moment. Ha ha, destiny. Very funny to bite my ankles when I make the mistake of declaring you my love.

Also, I stumbled across a few blogs that had travel entries of the writes visiting places such as Paris and London and taking the traditional London Eye - pictures and snapshots of the Eiffel tower, and I decided that when I'm finally getting my ass up from my comfy bed and visit either one of those places, I want NOTHING of the "must see" tourist attractions. Or well, maybe one or two at tops (Eiffel tower =♥) but that's it.

I'm having a terrible urge to spend a lot of money on things I don't really need right now. Or ever. Gosh.

P.S. You should definitely read this blog (if you aren't already, PS THERE'S A LINK, I'm not trying to make you read mine again) 'cause it's awesome and I'm telling you to do so.

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