Forced to admit they are wrong

My hair smells like someone would have been smoking in my general company, even though I think the last time such a thing has happened was ages ago, and otherwise my skin smells like this lovely new celebrity fragrance some lovely young lady pushed into my hand when I was walking about today. I think I might be forced to buy such a thing, it really does smell delicious.

I forgot my camera at my parents' and now I feel orphaned. Also, I am extremely tired but unwilling to start sleeping.

Tonight I had a really good moment. It included two of my favorite girls and laughing at stupid awesome stuff such as the literal trailer of assassin's creed - game (we know it by heart now). I had the feeling of belonging somewhere. You know how much I've longed for such a feeling?

Also, I probably should start filling these posts with random cute pictures cause even I get bored of reading my stuff.

The word of the day is hyperbole. I quite love it.

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