My girl

Last few days have passed while listening to bad good music (I always listen to good music :3), seeing friends, laughing at stupid things and dancing to a song called v.i.u (one more way of Korean boybands mocking the fact that I have no one who calls me their baby) and sleeping at random times.

And now I'm going to list a few things that annoy me! Yay for lists.

#1: My hair.
I've been dreaming of long hair for a few years now but I'm not too patient with it. My unfortunate adventures as blonde going brunette going blonde again killed half of my already scarred ends and forced me to cut my hair shorter. This happened again half a year later when I realized that I haven't cut my hair in forever and found countless split ends and other horrifying deformed mutations of hair. Also I thought it would be a great idea to cut my bangs back, considering I almost never wear bangs anyway. Great job, me, great job. My solution to the problem has been don't kill hair. It's starting to work slowly. Too slowly.
Grow, hair, grow!
Also, another issue I have with my hair is that I can't do anything to it (I mean curls, fancy hairdos and all that stuff). Here's what I worked closer to 40 minutes on:
Guess what happened as soon as I got to the city?
My hair was straight as raw spaghetti.

#2: My phone.
Most of my friends with Nokia's have been complaining how crappy they are and how they're not working properly. Thus far I've been able to avoid the situation and I've been prancing around in a happy go lucky - state, chanting "My phone has been working GREAT! I love my phone! ^___________________^ Cotton candy and other cute stuff!"
If only I could still do that. First I noticed that the front camera I never use anyway doesn't work because the lense has fallen from its place (I know.). This didn't bother me at all cause I never even use the stupid thing anyway.... Except for the fact that now the other lense refuses to work properly and I can't use the video record thingie anymore.
ANGER. FRUSTRATION. I WANT TO THROW THE STUPID THING TO THE GROUND TO MAKE IT WORK. I know that I mainly need my phone to be able to text and call but if you give me a fancy phone with functions like video recording, I MIGHT AS WELL WANT TO USE IT.

#3: The weather.
It's horrid. Windy, Cold as hell (Gosh I love oxymorons) and it get's dark before midnight. This does not fly with me.

#4: I have no idea what I'm going to do after high school.


Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hello you. I got lost here in your blog by an accident, thinking: "Hmm, this blog looks interesting. Let's give it a try, and read through some updates." I really, really love the way you use words and I think that english isn't your native language? Anyhow, just stopping by and leaving a quick comment, I'll be following this blog from now on.

- V

rreetta said...

Why, thank you so much ! And yes, you are correct, English is definitely not my native language :''D