Cursing, crying and drawn out fights

Lost: My motivation
Last seen: Beginning of September, maybe?
Hints and sightings, please inform me ! I'm deeply missing my motivation.
Also, living without it makes life a hell lot more dull.
A reward to one(s) bringing it back to me or getting me a new one!

How is it even possible that I feel like I'm busy and bored by the same things and at the same time? It's the middle of October already. Whoosh.

I'm trying to remark the positive aspects of my life more. For example, friends I can laugh with. Sometimes who I can laugh at, too. I've also rediscovered long lost loves in the music area, like this:

and this:

(I realize the links are all crooked and don't really fit the frame but heyyy, the music is the important part, not the video :3)

Also, I'm cravingggg for new things to listen to. I have a broad taste in music so any hints are warmly welcomed ♥

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