March of the ZZZ-letters

For a reason unknown the streets of Helsinki have been filled with gorgeous and unbelievably cute guys lately. Either they just appeared from somewhere, all at the same time, or my eyes have magically opened to see at least one a day (I used to complain there are none here. Shhhhhhhh I know I'm picky and have really weird beauty standards), but whatever the reason it makes me happy.
And kinda sad. I don't have the courage and self confidence to strike up a random conversation with a (handsome) stranger, so usually the situation just makes me kind of get whiny on the inside. Like I'm looking at them with eyes pouring hearts and lower lip threatening to fall off and hit the ground (which of course is not obvious looking itself, me going (~3~) like this) and after they pass I spare a moment or two mentally writing epilogues of me dying alone.
But also happy, of course. I mean I love looking at good looking people. Hehe.

The autumn has arrived. How do I know? Oh let me count thee the ways... No. But I'll tell some anyway.
First, the wasps have become freaking insane. They're buzzing EVERYWHERE to make sure they scare me off throughly before dying off. (Mind you, wasps are possibly the two or three most scariest thing I' have in my life.)
Second, I'm freaking tired, and all the time. My mental clock is starting to prepare me for a freaking hibernation.
And third (I have more ways but I'm keeping it simple), it's September. Duh.

I just woke up from my one hour nap a while ago, and I'm feeling really dizzy. I was supposed to do a freaklotmuch of Swedish tonight, but I think I'm just going to go get in my pajamas and doze off again.


Iida said...

jee! päivitys 8)

Meidän ruotsinryhmässä on poika (/nuori mies) joka on niin hyvännäköinen että haluisin kuolla. No ok, en haluis kuolla, mutta hän on vaan niin kaunis, että mun sydän itkee verta.

rreetta said...

Meidän koulussa on vaan pikkusia nykyään (-94 siis) niin ei niitä uskalla edes katsella :'')