Nothing to do, nothing to say

Hey, guess what! My pictureblog is dead cause I'm a lazy son of the beach and I'm way too busy spacing out laying on my bed to do anything about it.
This is why I think it is time for me to RENOVATE my current situation with le blog and this is what I've decided (I'm sure you all who bothered to check my blog are atleast pretending to be excited)

Slow Currents is going to be A RIDICULOUSLY BORING NORMAL BLOG! Yay!

And I don't mean normal blog as in "hey I bought this shirt from H&M and this mascara yesterday, and I think my style is very fashionable and you should all praise me as a GOD" - blog, but as in a blog perfect for anyone who wants to know what was the very first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning (for the record, I can't even remember such thought myself). That was actually a lie, too.
This is a perfect blog for me to record my crazy dreams, thoughts about lipbalm and sometimes whine why my perfect future husband hasn't found me yet when I'm sitting in front of my computer all day. What joy. I think I might even use pictures sometimes, if I feel adventurous!
So I am NOT going to tell you everything I've bought and how good discounts I've gotten (I am a bargain hunter but really.)

Trust me, I had the LONGEST time contemplating what the hell to do with this thing. I kind of like blogger, not willing to go back to LiveJournal anymore (oh yea, I had those days), totally too lazy to make a new blog/tumblr/twitter or whatever, and SC is laying here as a half dead carcass that's really not pleasing to anyone's eye.
And you know, sometimes I just really get these huge urges to pour my heart out somewhere (maybe I should just get a diary and spare you all the angst) but then I stop because, Oh, I don't want to tell strangers what I think about the Universe, religion or money. Or what mascara I used the morning before. Or how no one loves me.

So, here we go!


Iida said...

Tykkään sun blogista tosi paljon :) Sulla on ihana tyyli kirjoittaa. Keep on going!


rreetta said...

Oww kiitos kiitos ♥