Bounce, bounce, bounce, baby, you & me

I have a bad habit of either doing something too much or too little.
I've been slacking on exercising lately so today I worked out my corset muscles and arms while watching cutesy videos of Billy Boyd talking on his GODLY accent of Scotland, Orlando Bloom giving a kiss to Viggo Mortensen's cheek and generally just all things squeal, including one of my hugest celebrity crushes. You can guess who he is (and no, I didn't mention his name on this blog entry).
Anyway, I was talking about overdoing. My arms are shaking and my abdominals are undergoing some serious pain caused by my sudden use of them.

From subject B to subject Herpetology, I have to go to school tomorrow and it's freaking Saturday but what do you do.

Also, never go to bed without combing out your hair unless you're trying to grow dreads. Last night, all I did was go straight to bed without combing my TEASED UP PUFFY BUN hairdo, and oh my Dude, did I (mentally) scream in agony of my hair the next day. I was literally pleading and begging my hair to forgive me for my ruthless abandonment. I practically drained it conditioner and aftercare products just now, all while whining "I'm so sorry baby don't hate meeeeeee ;;__;;"

Yeah. So how was your day?

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