Me and my magic pony

This week has had a lot in it, and it's only Tuesday. It has included sitting alone in a coffee house with a hot chocolate and a bunch of school books, me being busy trying to absorb everything there is to absorb about Swedish, walking around the city with a friend, discussing the looks (or rather, the lack of looks) people wear, dining sushi, laughing with people rather than at people, smiling at strangers smiling at me, hugs and thoughts of all the wonderful things I would buy if I had enormous amounts of money.
This week has also included me stressing about my matriculation examination, turning and shifting uncomfortably and tired in my bed without being able to fall asleep, stress, anxiety about certain aspects of my love life (what love life?), feeling myself ineligible and repulsive and worrying if I'll ever be enough.

And this week is - or well, the couple of next days are - going to be hectic anyhow, highlight being my dentist's appointment on Thursday. Oh, the horror. Oh, the terror. Maybe I'll survive. If I didn't, you'll know why I died.

Also, my sense of feeling empathy on behalf of total strangers is overwhelming me lately. Was it being pisces or just being me, whatever it is, sometimes it's really hard to handle.
Sometimes I wish I were a cold bitch. But that's only sometimes. Most of the time I don't mind being over emotional. I guess.


iida said...

being over emotional is hard when your boyfriend is in the army cos then you just cry and cry and cry. feeling lousy all the time is not good.

iida said...

anyway the point being that being over emotional all the time is quite exhausting. but fun in a masochistic way.

rreetta said...

Aww boo!! Hang in there, it'll get better ♥ enjoy little moments.

Ha, I guess.