Shore is not as good as Williams but he's okay, too

I let out lies when I least expect it. They surprise me.
They're not to make me look better, either. Usually they're the little kind of lies that end a conversation when I don't want to continue it or when I don't want to talk about something.

I guess everyone does it.

So once again I had a dead period.
Lately, I've been freaked out by vibrating phones, stereos whispering next to me when I'm concentrating on something else, and people trying to jump me.

I've also been a lousy person.

I think I'll try to fix that.
And... I think I should also start to love my camera more. Poor baby must feel himself abandoned. The picture above was not taken by me, though: All thanks to Heikki. I don't know if he wants me to say that though. He's sometimes like that.


iida said...

Tykkään tosi paljon sun teksteistä. Kiitos niistä.

rreetta said...

Kiitos paljon ♥

Anonymous said...

olet söpö!!

rreetta said...

Kiitos :3