Well, I did it.

Lately I've been feeling blue. Not blue in the emotional sense of feeling down and sand, but blue as in I like the color.

I've also liked not eating healthy, different remixes of Lux Aeternal (I want them all), Alice in Videoland and
this cutest little ring ever my boyfriend got me for Valentine's day. It feels weird to say I have a boyfriend. I've been having crappy luck with relationships for the past decade (Ha, ha) and a bit longer so it takes a bit to get used to. I'm not complaining tho.

I feel like I should take my boo (and now I'm talking about my camera, who always comes FIRST) out and show it a little love because I haven't been taking any actual PHOTOGRAPHS of anything else than my face for a few weeks. How self centered can you get =D

Other things I enjoy lately are good music, good food and cupcakes and sailorhats. I want a sailor hat, they're so cute!

Oh and on a side note I updated my blog's looks, but that's not too important.


Anonymous said...

kukas tää onnekas on joka seurustelee sun kans? galtsunikkiä vaikkapa? >8---)

t. stalkkeri : (

iida said...

Ihana merkintä jälleen kerran! Näistä tulee aina sellainen luova ja oivaltava olo, melkein haluaa itsekin alkaa kirjoittaa blogia taas :)

Ja i SO know the feeling mitä kirjoitit tosta poikaystävä-jutusta, muistan kuinka outoa se oli aluksi oli. Wonderfully weird!

Keep on posting <3

rreetta said...

Haha, no Santtu aka Santeri aka galleriasta löytää nimellä MrCarbon :''>

Ja kiitos paljon, ihana kuulla tollaista palautetta ♥