Flowers in the dead night

You know, EH EH, I'm not really too active with this, am I now. I actually thought I could try again, for the forty-thousand-seventieth time or something like that. I need something steady and stable with my life, maybe this could be it.

SIKE, I'm going to be dead for another month, I bet you.

I saw a dream last night that carried on for hours, I bet. It started out as me running away to meet my lover - strange enough I can't remember who he was or what he looked like - and ended up in a place that looked remarkably like a big ice-skating hall / arena. You know the big ugly boxes that have a ring inside?
Well when I got there I discovered that someone had stolen my baby - because I apparently had a baby - and the person stealing my precious offspring was the mother of my lover.

Why do I feel like even my dreams think I'm a fucktard?

Anyway, After serious weird Tarzan - bungee jumps I ended up getting her in a corner, demanding my baby back. She started screaming that someone had stolen HER baby, which to say would have been my lover's little brother or sister, and of course I volunteered to search her baby.

Somehow I ended up in a giant swimming pool and started to look for my friends. I found a SHARK, who said he lost the baby I was looking for in a gamble. A mafia mob was putting her up for sale in a baby business.

.. What?

Well I had to do something, right? After asking around for what felt like a second I discovered that in the swimming pool there was a secret area you could only access with two cards: nine of kettles and seven of diamonds. When you settle these two cards in the exactly right place, a secret door will open and let you in.
In we go, and I ended up in a casino that was giving out stolen babies as prizes. I got questioned for my ID but surprisingly enough I only had to say "I'll deal with you later" and the security guards let me wonder about.

When I woke up, I felt extremely confused.

My earlier dream from a few nights passed was even better! It was like a movie. A gay guy kissed me multiple times, and I had to assure him he was gay and he was not supposed to kiss me (to which he answered yeah, I know, but I just had to try it) and after a whole set of people trying to keep me in a movie I told them they need to make it more FRENCH.

I seriously don't know what's going on in my head anymore.

I don't have any pictures right now, because I'm too lazy to photoshop them. Maybe you'll survive.

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