cue melancholy instrumental music for a rainy day

Things I've done today that I shouldn't:
Stared at the laptop screen
Walked around my room just staring at the mess and not cleaning it up
Whined inside my head
Played Pokémon

Things I haven't done today that I should've:
Written a school thingie to determine what I'm going to do in the future
The dishes
Clean my room
The laundry

It's one of these days again.

You know the annoying type of a person who constantly complains about their lack of love life or interest? That's what I FEEL like doing right now.
I want cuddles. Preferably now.
I want eskimo kisses and stupid romantic stuff like leaving lovey-dovey notes in surprising places.
I want that god-awful-feeling of "does he like me? What's that look supposed to mean?" that everyone HATES when they're experiencing it.

But I don't want to be that type of a person. I don't want to complain.

No, wait, I already did. Woooops ! :3


Bien-aimé Linda ♥ said...

I miss playing pokemon, Q_Q I sitll have the games too. And I do those things on a daily basis... stare at my laptop for god knows how long, never cleaning up my room like I said I would lol

It's getting close to winter time, cuddling sounds so nice right now.

rreetta said...

If you have the games you should DEF play. Haha I feel you u.u;;<3