When you're healthy, say thank you.

This text might be a little grotesque. Don't read if you don't want to.

There are only a few things I absolutely loathe in this world.

One is puking. I despise having anything come up that I've already once digested. It tastes gross, it feels gross, it smells awful and it's just plain wrong. Luckily I haven't had to stand that in a few years now.

Second is smoking. Everyone knows how I feel about smoking. I've never smoked and I don't plan to try. When I was younger, I was one of the less popular kids so I didn't have to try and get credit by ruining my lungs. Yay me.

Third one, and this is the one bugging me at this very moment, is gum infections. A really nasty one, too.

I might have to call a dentist. Ugh. Dentists.

Whenever you're healthy, stop and think about it for a while. Consider yourself a lottery winner of the universe. You are.

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