Snowcapolypse is here !

I was supposed to do a rather big entry about things including... well, everything, but you know how sometimes you think you're going to do something and then you don't do it. It's a continuous thing, really.
Anyway, we are doing some sort of blogging experiences at school at the moment so I thought it's a GREAT time to once again note that I'm not that good at writing regularly. Oops.

So the big thing I was excited about last time? I got email from HOAS, a student apartment organization in Finland (Well, actually Helsinki area) that they have a spot for me in one of their apartments...
So I moved. Further away from the city. Bleh. But the area is nice... and something else is nice there too but I'm not going to talk about that right now >:33
My room is nice but really cold. I can't hang around in a tank top and shorts, no way. So sad.  I'll show you pictures later !

I've been crazy busy but thing should slow down after this week. Yay!


Christopher said...

you call that a blog entry? its been over 2 months since you last one. you better get back to typing.

rreetta said...

Yes sire, right away sire, thank you sire!