cue melancholy instrumental music for a rainy day

Things I've done today that I shouldn't:
Stared at the laptop screen
Walked around my room just staring at the mess and not cleaning it up
Whined inside my head
Played Pokémon

Things I haven't done today that I should've:
Written a school thingie to determine what I'm going to do in the future
The dishes
Clean my room
The laundry

It's one of these days again.

You know the annoying type of a person who constantly complains about their lack of love life or interest? That's what I FEEL like doing right now.
I want cuddles. Preferably now.
I want eskimo kisses and stupid romantic stuff like leaving lovey-dovey notes in surprising places.
I want that god-awful-feeling of "does he like me? What's that look supposed to mean?" that everyone HATES when they're experiencing it.

But I don't want to be that type of a person. I don't want to complain.

No, wait, I already did. Woooops ! :3


When you're healthy, say thank you.

This text might be a little grotesque. Don't read if you don't want to.

There are only a few things I absolutely loathe in this world.

One is puking. I despise having anything come up that I've already once digested. It tastes gross, it feels gross, it smells awful and it's just plain wrong. Luckily I haven't had to stand that in a few years now.

Second is smoking. Everyone knows how I feel about smoking. I've never smoked and I don't plan to try. When I was younger, I was one of the less popular kids so I didn't have to try and get credit by ruining my lungs. Yay me.

Third one, and this is the one bugging me at this very moment, is gum infections. A really nasty one, too.

I might have to call a dentist. Ugh. Dentists.

Whenever you're healthy, stop and think about it for a while. Consider yourself a lottery winner of the universe. You are.


I'm great at organizing my time

It's exam week, which means that I'm not studying at all studying SUPER hard. Yeah. Totally.
Haha. I don't know, I haven't been able to stress myself too much over everything... which was nice, considering I surprised the heck out of myself and got a 5 from my first exam.

Just reminding that we use a scale from 1 to 5. So ... not bad. Yay!

Today I didn't have any exam but studying to do for tomorrow's and Friday's exams and also two reports and such that need finishing. Bleh. It will be alright as soon as I get myself to do them but I just strongly dislike written assignments. I write when I want to! (And if you've followed my blog for more than two months you know that's not too often. HEH.)

I had a moment of boredom earlier. Because 11:30am is universally too early to do school work, I thought I'd want to eat something... then this little annoying voice in my head reminded me of our sole vow to never eat when we are bored (I swear I'm not schizophrenic) so I thought I'd exercise instead.

My muscles are sooreee.
They're going to be sore tomorrow too. And it's going to be that almost pleasurable pain where you just WANT to stretch everything a little more to remind you that you've done this to yourself and this is awesome.
.. I swear I'm not masochistic, either. I just think post work-out pain is the best.

Yeah. Schoolwork. Right.