Shut up, it's Summer.

So I decided that 10:30pm is a great time to start an inventory on my closet.
Big mistake.
It's now 12:25am and I've given up for the day. I have well over a half of my clothes still thrown on my chair (and partially on the floor. Guess who's going to have to do extra laundry tomorrow?) and I'm starting to grow a little worried.
How is it possible that I have so many clothes yet nothing to wear, ever? I've counted 14 skirts and 8 pairs of jeans so far. I'm not allowed to buy any clothes ever again, okay. Good. We know I'm going to break that promise but ANNYYWAAAY.
Hi !

So a quick catch-up:
1. I graduated. Thank you.
2. I got a new laptop as a graduation present. Yes, I'm very happy.
3. I also got to go to London. Yes, it was nice. No, I did not spot any of my English hotties (Ed Westwick, Ash Stymest, Jude Law, etc etc.)
4. I got into School to study travel management and leadership stuff. Thank you, I'm excited.

Oh and also,
5. I need a new apartment ASAP. :I

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