When I'm bored I outline my veins.

I've heard a saying that goes somewhat along these lines: to find yourself you have to first lose yourself. Well I'm currently losing myself..... in the awesome world of animated movies like Pinocchio and How To Train Your Dragon. 'scuse moi
That's nothing new though. I don't think I've had a phase in my life where I would have shunned away from Disney classics (and I went through the typical "I hate everything the masses like" - phase at 12, don't worry) and I have no shame declaring that I rummage through sales almost every week trying to find Disney DVDs for cheap. They're an INVESTMENT, shut up. 

But other than that I am going through a slight identity crisis at the moment. My social life is mostly shattered and I don't have anyone else to blame than myself, and I'm steadily getting to the point where I'm purchasing a white tank top and a black permanent marker and making a statement factual print shirt for myself. It's going to say "I'M BORING" and it's going to save me from ever having to explain myself ever ever again. 

It's kind of sad I guess but I haven't found it in me to frown about it yet. 
Now, the facts are that I really don't drink that much (I don't like the taste of alcohol), I don't smoke and I rarely party - mostly because I love sleeping and partly because I've become socially isolated and I'm not invited to that many parties. I strongly dislike horror movies and I'm shamelessly fond of shiny things - be they useless crap or girly accessories. I have a habit of being petty with details and I'm awfully picky about what I eat or don't eat.
My friends call me 'motherly'. People I've known for 20 minutes roll their eyes and go 'Ok, mom'. 

Gosh I really am boring. And today I couldn't even find anything to wear ! 

To enlighten my self conscious rant, here's a picture to enlighten the mood. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you, erm... us.

I look rather dashing in my mustache. 

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