Isn't this winter done yet?

I reached a personal record in sleeping a few days ago. Not much to you, maybe, 11½ hours, but I've never slept for so long without waking up atleast once in between. When I woke up there was a tiny dog trying to snuggle with me and started giving me very nasty kisses with a tongue that's been in places I don't want to know about. (I spent a night at my parents and we have two dogs.)

A portable hard drive is a smart little device! I saved all of my music, pictures and videos in case my laptop decides to die in my arms soon. Almost 40 gigabytes just from my computer. HEH.
I found very very old pictures. In this case, Very very old stands for "4 - 6 year old pictures, from years 2006 and earlier." It almost made me cry from laughing too much at my old self. Did I not own a mirror? Did I not realize I looked absolutely ridiculous? Oh dear me.
Don't worry, I'm going to save your eyes and not show the pictures to you.

I dyed my hair too. It looks like this.

I need to cut down on visiting coffeeshops. I'm using way too much of my non-existent money to buy caramel ice lattes and what not.

Oh and I really want to dance because of this song. Damn you, David Guetta.


Anonymous said...

vanhoja kuvia joooooo!

rreetta said...

Voi hyi apua, itkin ja nauroin kun katselin niitä :'')

Anonymous said...

hey cutie haluisitko tehdä jonku meikkitutoriaalin ku sulla on nii kivoja silmämeikkejä useasti :---)

rreetta said...

Aa apua, oisko sellaselle käyttöä? :''33 No minkäslaista meikkiä sais olla sit, jos joskus innostun? :3

Anonymous said...

olisi käyttöä! *ww* no jos nää sanat auttais: tumma, kajaali, eyeliner 8--D tai iha vaik joku mistä ite tykkäät!

anni said...

Oot todella kaunis tyttö :)