maybe it's them

Part of the problem is me. Actually I think the root of the problem is me: me and my daydreaming while I'm awake. I've spent two hours doing nothing but listening to music that fits the current situation and imagining things I would have loved to do, would love to do or would do just because.
But I'm not talking about realistic crap, so enough with it. I'm talking about guns, weapons and oh no you won't - lines. Isn't this classy?

I pointed out that the "sonnet" we were reading in Finnish wasn't actually a sonnet at all, it wasn't really following the lines of sonnet. My teacher was confused. "Do you know sonnets?" Well, I just had to study them for a few months so I guess I could say something.

I cleaned my room today, and I still feel like I'm getting sick. I'm having issues on multiple continents, which isn't really any good. I can't deal with any of it, I just push it down and hope it goes away by itself. I rarely deal with problems...
I love how I multiply them by discussing them with myself. Then I go to LJsecrets and realize I have nothing compared to these people.

Except I would love to write notes and leave them in librarybooks.


veikouu said...

oii tommone poninhäntä sopii sulle ihan tosi hyvin !

rreetta said...

Voi kiitti paljo!