Spring is awesome with Clazziquai.

My allergies are kicking in and if nothing else is good about them, they are an absolute way of telling the Spring is - finally - here. I have to resist the constant urge to rub my eyes because they are itching. I don't like this part. Just if you didn't know.

The Spring generally causes a few things in me, both physically and mentally. 
First, well, obviously, there are my allergies. I already said that.

Second...ly, I start rummaging through my wardrobe and can't find anything nice to wear, or find everything too 'not me', 'fit for winter' and 'when did I ever get this? Ew'. 

Thirdly - and this is not even necessarily my fault - clothing stores suddenly get awesome. I need this, I want that, I don't need them but gosh I want those so bad. If I were anymore vain than I already am I'd probably cry myself to sleep thinking of this very specific coat I saw in Zara. (I told you I should not be allowed there ever.) 

And finally - as if I haven't complained or talked about this enough - I become increasingly aware of my relationship status. Bla bla bla, being single is awesome and fun and shit, but - let's face it - I sort of have a problem of only finding cool guys from abroad. I don't even know what it is. 
I pretty much freaked out in a happy state yesterday after spotting THREE good looking guys during the day. In Helsinki. During a four hour time period!

And I don't know if you could actually say that it's because I'm too picky, etc., 'I'm sure there are tons of good looking guys in Helsinki but you're such a no life you never see them, foo' - I tend to drool after people my friends look at and go '... are you serious? HIM?'. So. Yah. Ok maybe I'm a little bit picky.

So I'm doomed for life. YAY.
Hahahahaha ok, maybe not. I think I'm going to take a nap.


Oh... hi!

He he hee...... Heh.
Did anyone notice my blog's been dead for... idk, two months? No? Thought so! Then it's alright.

Yeah.. I don't have much to say about that. I can't say I've been too busy; I haven't.
I got done with my matriculation examinations, some of which went well and some... not so well, I have my very first JOB ( ) as an event assistant, and that's only about once a month for approx. ten hours at a time. Whee!

Right now I'm in the middle of my busiest two weeks in ... probably years, because I have something everyday - which never happens anyway.
I thought I would've 'officially' given SC a little hiatus so I could gather my thoughts and such but then I realized I just didn't write anything for two months, I'm sure anyone realizes I'm on a hiatus.

BUT I'M NOT ANYMORE! So rejoice. Applause. Thank you. Or not, that's fine too.

I'm in a really hyper state of mind, but I figured I'd share a few things with you.

1. I think I'm back. I'm trying to be.
2. No one should EVER let me near Zara. I almost got a seizure because I wanted everything.
3. Ed Westwick is still freaking gorgeous.
4. Reading other people's blogs always reminds me I want to write something in my own.
5. I'm extremely lazy. I'm not even going to put pictures in this one. Then again, what was the last time I did?

Anyway, I missed my stupid blog! I want to squeeze it and give it a bear hug. And force it to eat a few biscuits.
Feels good, man.