Something we can't become

I'm unorganized and I tend to loath routines. That's why I write in uneven periods, every once in a while and that's why things seem to get behind my back and surprise me because I run out of time with everything.
True story.

Anyway, Christmas was awesome, New Year's Eve was awesome and the whole 2011 year thingie took off a great start......

And then I got sick. Ugh. I hate to be sick. I slept a whole three hours last night, every last muscle aching because of slight fever, my nose was either running or I couldn't breathe and I had a terrible headache.
Oh and everytime I sneeze it feels like someone throbs my throat with a sharp, poison dipped dagger multiple times in a row and leaves me gasping for air - which hurts even more.
Curse you, viruses and bacters. I'm sure you're having fun right now.

I don't have any fun pictures to show you right now but you should listen to this song. It's amazingggg.

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