I'm automatic

I feel weird. Kind of out of place. Out of place is a good way to describe it.

You know the feeling of suddenly being reminded of someone who at one point of time was very dear to you, so dear that you never actually just realized HOW dear (because you never actually had an official thing), but who you really aren't in contact anymore and who
is not a part of your life anymore? Say you're walking to your room at 23:02, your mind does the shuffle thing of going through several things at once and BAM. All of a sudden you miss someone so much you could cry or yell.
Deal with that, then.

Lately I can't listen to music so loud. Partly because there are others living here too, and I don't want to be considered the rude neighbor, but also because every time I turn the volume up, it starts hurting my ears and I have to tone it down. I used to love blasting my music up the roof, so to speak.

The smoke coming from Russia is making the air a bit foggy but I'm not staring too much out of my windows right now so it's not an issue. I don't actually even know why I told you that. The picture isn't related to it tho, that's above clouds and fog.

Still, out of place. Maybe it's just one of those months.

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