April in pictures

There's something extremely beautiful and calming about the lights of the amusement park I can see from my window. It's 20:49 / 8:49pm and it's not even close to dark yet so they do look kind of funny but that's not the point. No matter how much I dislike the general idea of amusement parks (pay yourself to death to wait hours for three minute rides and buy expencive goodies from their local stores while you're at it) I do find seeing it from a distance soothing. And I for one have always loved cotton candy you can buy there.

I've also had a lot of social life lately, which I find very nice. People actually call me these days! They want to see me! I also get a lot of hugs, kisses and all that sort of cute stuff from my friends, do you have any idea how happy that makes me?

I'm addicted to a drug called life mixed with love and caring. If I weren't, I'd probably hook myself up with drugs or alcohol, but to be honest I prefer it this way. Smiles come easily.

Obviously there's a turnside to the coin. I've been extremely tired lately and most of my school days go by with me sitting in the hallways looking at other people and blasting music through my headphones, thus growing bored of nearly everything I have on my iPod. A shame.

My sister's a dork. I love her. :3

I've had a lot of good, deep talks with some of my friends and my mom lately. It's all very nice. Now I just need to find a good, deep direction for my life to go to. I still have time, I hope.

Did you guys know I love SayCet? Well, now you do.

Oh and need I remind you, the photos are all mine.

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